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Wealth for Women Fund

Benefits and features of Wealth for Women Fund

The Wealth for Women Fund aims to encourage women to imbibe a savings culture towards retirement. It is a retirement planning tool that invests in fixed-income instruments and in companies with significant women representation on their boards and management teams (public companies only).

The Fund aims to provide an avenue for women to be financially independent and create a sustainable foundation for women’s financial empowerment and development in Nigeria. A maximum of 80% of the Fund’s assets is invested primarily in Naira-denominated fixed income and high-yielding instruments while 20% of the assets is invested in carefully selected quoted stocks from the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Subscriptions can start as low as N10,000 with multiples of N5,000 thereafter.

Benefits and features of Wealth For Women Fund:

  • Start with a minimum of just N10,000 and expect capital appreciation over a long period (typically over a year)
  • High liquidity (24-hour redemption)
  • Minimum holding period of 30 days
  • A diversified portfolio that offers competitive returns while safeguarding capital.
  • Returns are not subject to withholding tax to the unit holders.
  • Offers the option of cash distribution or reinvestment of distributions.
  • Managed by experienced fund management team with track record of outperforming benchmarks.
  • Valuation is done daily
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