Preserve your wealth and legacy to last for generations.


We play a key role in major financing transactions and protect the interests of lenders and investors. We also keep custody of assets, documents, rights, shares, funds and other holdings in financial transactions.

Our structure is designed to exploit market opportunities that enable us provide best-in-class services to our wide array of clients.


Private Investment Trust

  • Private Investment Trust this product enables individuals save and invest their funds and includes a simple Trust Deed that caters to beneficiaries in case of predicaments
  • Target Savings Trust is designed to provide an avenue to guarantee the end value of target savings by the younger generation. The product provides confidence as to the meeting of personal savings targets as well as a seamless transfer of contributed balances in case any unforeseen events occur.  We also have the TST (Target Savings Trust) Plus which enables you to access loans towards your target and earn investment income at a higher rate than the loan repayment rate
  • Education Trust is a Trust arrangement that clearly specifies that the Trust funds should be used for the education of its beneficiaries. We help tailor the Trust Deed according to the Grantor’s preference and wishes for the named beneficiaries
  • USD / GBP Denominated Trust Product Our foreign currency-denominated product allows the account holder save and invest with a Trust element that caters for his beneficiaries. The account holder can fund the account either through lump sums or by monthly deductions from a designated account in US Dollars or British Pound Sterling
  • Cooperative Trust  Cooperative Societies, Estate Associations and Alumni associations and like associations can make contributions into a designated Trust Account with a liaison officer nominated by the association
  • Diaspora Trust  This product is mainly designed for Nigerians in the diaspora. With our Nigerian Diaspora Trust, we help bridge the gap and create a higher value as you can complete your projects or meet obligations back home with no worries through our professional and highly effective Trust arrangements aimed at translating your desires into reality and seamlessly retaining value for your beneficiaries
  • Mudarabah Investment Scheme  The MIS is an Investment Scheme that pools funds from contributions for investment in eligible Halal instruments on behalf of participating clients. The funds are managed by a Sharia-Compliant Fund Manager via a nominee relationship with United Capital Trustees

Estate Planning

  • Testamentary Trust is a Trust arrangement created by a Testator through Wills, for the benefit of beneficiaries upon his death. We ensure professional management of the assets of the deceased testator
  • Wills and Executorship where the Trustee is a named executor of the estate, the Trustee ensures that the wishes of the testator as stipulated in the governing document are strictly adhered to
  • Living Trusts are created through Trust Deeds or by a Declaration of Trust and take effect during the lifetime of the Settlor as against the Testamentary Trust. The benefits include speed and confidentiality of execution of Estates, reduction of administrative costs, tax efficiency, elimination or reduction of disputes/acrimony over entitlements as well as the opportunity for a test run during the lifetime of the Settlor
  • Procurement of Letters of Administration:  Our services extend to the procurement of Letters of Administration and Grant of Probate after the death of the Testator, for the beneficiaries as they require an instrument of authority to claim the assets of the deceased
  • Nominee and Custodial Services We offer custodial services to individual and corporate clients. We act as Custodians of important legal/title documents, share certificates and other valued articles belonging to our Clients. Benefits include safekeeping of assets as well as adherence to the Client’s wishes as stipulated in the Custody Agreement
  • Family Office Trust is set up to manage the family estate as a single entity, thus actively preserving wealth, organizing it to ensure continuity. It can be used for succession planning
  • Charitable Trust (Foundations and Endowments) are arrangements/organisations designed to accumulate, preserve, manage, and utilise wealth overtime for public/ charitable purposes over a lengthy period of time or even in perpetuity


  • Debenture & Consortium Lending Trusteeship - we advise on a security structure for the transaction which will support affordable costs within the ambit of the law in Consortium lending transactions.
  • Custodial/Escrow Services - we are fully equipped to hold confidential original Title Deeds for the benefit of the parties.
  • Escrow Services We provide escrow agency services to parties in need of an independent, unbiased third party to hold an escrow amount until the determination of the transaction
  • Loan Syndication  We advise on a security structure for the transaction which will support affordable costs within the ambit of the law in Loan Syndication transactions

Bonds Trusteeship

We act as Trustees to Bonds and Notes issued by the Federal, State, Local Governments and Corporate institutions wherein we secure and protect the interest of the Bondholders or Noteholders and monitor Issuer activities in order to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, the Securities and Exchange Commission Rules and the Investment and Securities Act, 2007.

We also manage Sinking Funds to generate competitive returns and ensure timely payment of coupon and principal repayments to Bondholders/Noteholders respectively whilst taking proactive steps to prevent loss of investors’ funds.

We bring our hands-on experience to bear by striving to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives through Debt Issuances in capital market transactions.

Collective Investment Schemes Trusteeship

We act as Trustees to various Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts), providing our clients with security on their investments. As Trustees, we monitor Fund Managers’ activities to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus and relevant regulations.

We also act on behalf of Unit holders and keep custody of the scheme’s assets. Our role as Trustee in such schemes includes undertaking Trust Services in fulfilment of Rule 110(1) of the Securities & Exchange Commission Rules issued Pursuant to the Investment & Securities Act, 2007, which provides that Trustees of Collective Investment Schemes perform prescribed functions.


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