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Securities Trading

Trade stocks like a pro on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange


United Capital Securities Limited is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Broker/Dealer.

We are one of the few selected Supplemental Market Makers (SMM) and Designated Advisers by the Nigerian Stock Exchange. United Capital Securities is also a registered dealing member of NASD OTC Plc enabling us to deal in over-the-counter Equity and Fixed Income Securities.

We create value by offering execution services underpinned by reliable IT processes and seasoned personnel overseeing these processes. With InvestNow, a premium trading platform, we have also leveraged technology to provide instant trading capabilities to our clients from their devices. We also have dedicated teams focused on the sales of equity and fixed income securities respectively. Our robust research team is dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions that lead to maximized investment returns. Our Securities & Trading business provides access to primary market opportunities for listed equities (IPOs, Right Issues, Offer for Sale and Offer for Subscription) and fixed income securities (Bonds and Treasury bills). Also, we offer secondary market trading services for Clients who want to buy and sell their listed Shares and Bonds on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Security Dealing Services

Our trading services are supported by world-class technology and operations to deliver efficient solutions in:

  • Exchange-Traded listed securities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Listed Equities on the NASD OTC trading platform
  • Listed Fixed Income securities on the FMDQ OTC trading platform (Treasury bills, Government Bonds, FGN savings bonds, FGN Sukuk Bonds and Commercial Paper)
  • International Trading Desk trading listed equities and fixed income securities across key markets in Africa

Stocktrading on InvestNow

Our digital platform provides direct market access, to enable clients to trade stocks, real-time on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, access advisory information and monitor their shares portfolio from the comfort of their smartphone or computer.

Fixed Income Note

This service offers investors attractive and predictable return on their investments for tenors ranging from 30 to 365 days.


  • Minimum participation of ₦50,000,000
  • Safety of Capital
  • Fixed predictable rate of return
  • Liquidity
  • Competitive return
  • No Withholding Tax on earned interest
  • Investment Certificate
  • Pre-liquidation is allowed subject to a penalty of 20% on earned income.

Portfolio Management Services

The Portfolio Management Schemes include:

Corporate Fund Management

This is designed to take the responsibility of managing Shareholders’ funds or company’s investible funds from organizations to enable them concentrate on their core businesses.

Gratuity Fund Management

We work with multi-national corporations, organizations, Foundations and/or groups to manage/establish various types of Collective Investment Schemes (Gratuity/SIS) designed to create future wealth for the members of staff or beneficiaries.


  • Minimum investment of ₦20 million for HNIs
  • Performance benchmark set
  • Minimum tenure of one year subject to a renewal
  • Additional contributions to portfolio allowed
  • Discretionary and Non Discretionary portfolio management

Investment Advisory

We offer investment advisory services to our clients to enable them keep control over their investment decisions and take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities.

Features of our Investment Advisory Service

  • Expert Advice
  • Market analysis updates and reports
  • White glove customer service
  • Evaluation of existing investment portfolios
  • Portfolio rebalancing



MD/CEO United Capital Securities Limited

Judyth Bioseh


Head, Institutional Sales