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Wealth Management

You’ve built your wealth over the years. Let’s manage it to last for generations.


With our Private Wealth services, our clients enjoy a relationship built upon trust, communication, and integrity.

We build your investment portfolio to be able to withstand volatility and shocks with robust risk management and compliance mechanisms


Our Value Proposition

We employ a 6-Key Proposition to provide a comprehensive approach to our client’s goals

  • Organization
  • Accountability
  • Objectivity
  • Pro-activity
  • Education
  • Partnership

What We Do

  • What we offer goes far beyond Investment consulting or Asset Management
  • We help leading individuals and families grow, preserve, and manage their wealth
  • We take the time to understand your unique needs to develop a plan that evolves with you, while also meeting your goals
  • We ensure you benefit from our global perspective and strategic insight of top investment minds from around the world
  • We build your investment portfolio to be able to withstand volatility and shocks with robust risk management and compliance mechanisms
  • We are experts in offshore structures that address asset protection, tax optimization, protection against political and economic instability

Managed Investment Services

  • Global investment advice, insight, and personal investment services.
  • Turn your investment goals into reality with our comprehensive Investment services and advice
  • Local and International investment expertise tailored to your needs.

Offshore Investment Management Service

  • Access to the world’s leading companies and Fund Managers.
  • Global diversification of Portfolio.
  • Trade shares and other securities in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and other world leading stock exchanges easily.

International and Offshore Wealth Structuring

Wealth structuring can often be the single most important service we provide to our clients and involves the creation of an efficient framework for asset management. It is imperative to have the right strategy from the outset and we provide objectivity where often there are emotional decisions to be made. It is also important to note that every case is different in its simplicity or complexity.

Whether our clients are based in the country or abroad, we understand the internationally mobile high net worth client requires best-of-breed asset protection solutions to cater to their international needs when it comes to estate planning, wealth transfer and structuring ownership.

What types of services are included? At a broader level we can assist you on:

  • Implementing wealth transfer strategies
  • Sourcing external specialist tax and legal advisors in respect of the intended structures
  • Trade shares and other securities in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and other world leading stock exchanges easily.

Working with you and your external advisors in:

  • Global asset ownership, succession, and estate planning
  • Remittance planning in relation to emigration and immigration
  • Philanthropy planning

Retirement/Legacy Investments

  • Our Wealth Management and Investment offers you the scale, International reach, and depth of investment expertise, globally and locally to meet your specific retirement and legacy needs in this ever-changing environment.
  • Retirement investments are backed by an investment approach that is rigorous, disciplined and integrates a global investment house view.

UC Prestige

  • Gain exposure to offshore markets by diversifying your investments effectively in terms of geographic regions, currencies, and asset classes
  • Gain exposure to International markets and access to leverage granted against a pledge of marketable assets such as Bonds or Investment Funds
  • Quarterly reporting on your Portfolio holdings, investment values and transactions
  • You can alter the structure of your portfolio at any time. UC Prestige adapts to your Investment objectives and needs
  • We can help you structure the Portfolio to meet your individual needs with respect to type, amount, time frame, currency, and risk tolerance
  • You will enjoy access to a flexible, cost-efficient financing solutio


  • Leverage Size: > 100% of Equity Contribution
  • Minimum investible amount is $200,000 or it’s equivalent in other currencies.
  • Leverage Currencies include CHF, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD. SEK, NOK, DKK, AUD, NZD,HKD. SGD.
  • Upside Potential: ROI up to double digit
  • Minimum Investible Period: 1year
  • Competitive Management and brokerage Fees

Offshore Trading

  • You get access to a comprehensive range of equities and fixed income securities and trade on world’s leading exchanges
  • You can benefit from professional and individually tailored advice.
  • Monthly or Quarterly reporting on portfolio holdings, investment value and transactions.
  • Competitive management and brokerage fees
  • Adequate research on recommended securities based on growth rate, valuation, competitive advantage, and market rate

Financial Planning

  • Help clients plan for their future and take better control of their financial goals
  • We help analyze clients present circumstances and resources, with which we use in developing a written financial plan
  • We schedule regular meetings with clients and assist in the management of their financial affairs
  • Regularly evaluating plans, adjusting, and revising according to current circumstances
  • Goes far beyond investing money and building wealth, but also credit obligations, everyday spending, budgeting, retirement planning etc.
  • The whole process is focused on clarity, confidence, and goal-driven direction


Head, Wealth Management


Head, Wealth Management