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Fixed Income Fund

Benefits and features of Fixed Income Fund

The Bond Fund offers you the benefit of an investment in FGN Bonds. These are appropriate for investors looking for growth without taking too much risk. These funds are also partly impacted by fluctuations in bond prices.

The objective is to achieve competitive returns on investments with moderate risk by investing in high quality bonds and treasury bills.

Benefits and Features of Bond Fund:

  • Start with a minimum of N10,000
  • High quality fixed income instruments
  • High liquidity (24-hour redemption)
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days
  • Open – ended funds; they are open for new and additional investment
  • Option to switch among the distinct Funds
  • Free entry and exit
  • No withholding tax and no VAT on dividends
  • Online access to your portfolio
  • Professional expertise of Fund Manager
  • Memorandum listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Separate Accounting/Auditing of each Fund
  • Opportunity to invest on behalf of minors
  • Valuation is done daily
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