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Nigerian Eurobond Fund

Benefits and features of the Nigerian Eurobond Fund

The Eurobond Fund is a dollar-denominated mutual fund invested in Eurobonds floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and other qualifying Eurobonds registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Benefits and features of the Euro Bond Fund:

  • Significantly higher returns than domiciliary bank accounts
  • Good hedge against the depreciation of the Naira
  • 24-hour redemption
  • Open-ended funds; they are open for new and additional investment
  • Minimum holding period of 30 days
  • Minimum Subscription: Minimum of 10 units and multiples of 5 units thereafter
  • Minimum entry amount: US$1,000.00 and thereafter multiples of $500.00
  • Significantly higher short to medium-term capital appreciation in USD with significantly higher returns projected at a minimum of 7.5% annually over a four-year period
  • Dividends to unit holders in the Fund can be collected as cash or re-invested into the Fund, further enhancing the growth of the investment.
  • Dividends are net of withholding tax to the unit holders.
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