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Equity Fund

Benefits and features of Equity Fund

The Equity Fund invests in quoted equities that are traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and can achieve high returns over short and long periods.

Equity schemes are suitable for investors having a long-term outlook, which seeks appreciation over a period of time, but could be affected by fluctuations of stock prices.

Benefits and features of the Equity Fund:

  • Start with a minimum of just N10,000
  • Long-term equity returns outperforming fixed-income investments
  • Exposure to a diversified portfolio of stocks across sectors
  • High liquidity (24-hour redemption)
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days
  • Open-ended funds; they are open for new and additional investment
  • Option to switch among the distinct Funds
  • Free entry and exit
  • No withholding tax and no VAT on dividends
  • Online access to your portfolio
  • Professional expertise of Fund Manager
  • Free entry and exit (liquidity)
  • Memorandum listing on the Nigerian Exchange (NGX)
  • Separate Accounting/Auditing of each Fund
  • Opportunity to invest on behalf of minors
  • Valuation is done daily
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