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Mutual Fund Prices – May 2023

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 27/04/2022 TO 28/04/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.58621.5608
2Equity Fund1.05591.0327
3Eurobond Fund127.8840127.8840
4Fixed Income Fund1.99851.9985
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.14861.1486
7Wealth for Women Fund1.27911.2568
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02621.0262

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 02/05/2022 TO 03/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56991.5450
2Equity Fund1.04521.0223
3Eurobond Fund127.9052127.9052
4Fixed Income Fund1.99891.9989
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.14921.1492
7Wealth for Women Fund1.26691.2450
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02651.0265

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 03/05/2022 TO 04/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.57211.5472
2Equity Fund1.04641.0236
3Eurobond Fund127.9263127.9263
4Fixed Income Fund1.99931.9993
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.14981.1498
7Wealth for Women Fund1.26701.2452
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02671.0267

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 05/05/2022 TO 08/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56081.5862
2Equity Fund1.02781.0509
3Eurobond Fund127.9689127.9689
4Fixed Income Fund2.00002.0000
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15081.1508
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24961.2716
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02711.0271

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 08/05/2022 TO 09/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56941.5810
2Equity Fund1.03411.0447
3Eurobond Fund128.0334128.0334
4Fixed Income Fund2.00122.0012
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15201.1520
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25651.2666
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02781.0278

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 08/05/2022 TO 09/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.57041.5821
2Equity Fund1.03501.0455
3Eurobond Fund128.0550128.0550
4Fixed Income Fund2.00162.0016
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15241.1524
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25651.2665
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02801.0280

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 10/05/2022 TO 11/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56371.5755
2Equity Fund1.02391.0344
3Eurobond Fund128.0786128.0786
4Fixed Income Fund2.00202.0020
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15281.1528
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24611.2563
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02821.0282

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 11/05/2022 TO 12/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56041.5721
2Equity Fund1.02351.0341
3Eurobond Fund128.0996128.0996
4Fixed Income Fund2.00242.0024
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15321.1532
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24571.2558
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02841.0284

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 12/05/2022 TO 15/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.55971.5714
2Equity Fund1.02311.0337
3Eurobond Fund128.1213128.1213
4Fixed Income Fund2.00272.0027
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15361.1536
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24561.2557
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02861.0286

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 15/05/2022 TO 16/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.55731.5689
2Equity Fund1.01981.0303
3Eurobond Fund128.1865128.1865
4Fixed Income Fund2.00392.0039
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15481.1548
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24471.2548
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02921.0292

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 16/05/2022 TO 17/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.55801.5696
2Equity Fund1.01921.0297
3Eurobond Fund128.2067128.2067
4Fixed Income Fund2.00432.0043
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15521.1552
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24441.2545
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02941.0294

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 17/05/2022 TO 18/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.55441.5660
2Equity Fund1.01811.0285
3Eurobond Fund128.2281128.2281
4Fixed Income Fund2.00462.0046
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15561.1556
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24361.2536
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02961.0296

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 18/05/2022 TO 19/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56101.5726
2Equity Fund1.01761.0281
3Eurobond Fund128.2495128.2495
4Fixed Income Fund2.00502.0050
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15601.1560
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24971.2598
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.02981.0298

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 19/05/2022 TO 22/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56111.5728
2Equity Fund1.01751.0280
3Eurobond Fund128.2709128.2709
4Fixed Income Fund2.00542.0054
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15641.1564
7Wealth for Women Fund1.24991.2600
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03001.0300

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 22/05/2022 TO 23/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56231.5740
2Equity Fund1.01861.0291
3Eurobond Fund128.3319128.3319
4Fixed Income Fund2.00662.0066
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15761.1576
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25111.2613
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03061.0306

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 23/05/2022 TO 24/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.56601.5777
2Equity Fund1.02041.0309
3Eurobond Fund128.3533128.3533
4Fixed Income Fund2.00702.0070
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15801.1580
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25191.2621
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03081.0308

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 24/05/2022 TO 25/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.58161.5935
2Equity Fund1.02621.0368
3Eurobond Fund128.3746128.3746
4Fixed Income Fund2.00732.0073
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15841.1584
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25911.2694
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03121.0312

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 25/05/2022 TO 26/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.57451.5863
2Equity Fund1.02431.0348
3Eurobond Fund128.3959128.3959
4Fixed Income Fund2.00772.0077
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.15881.1588
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25291.2631
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03151.0315

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 26/05/2022 TO 30/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.58191.5937
2Equity Fund1.03211.0427
3Eurobond Fund128.4319128.4319
4Fixed Income Fund2.00932.0093
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.16041.1604
7Wealth for Women Fund1.25411.2642
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03221.0322

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 30/05/2022 TO 31/05/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.63341.6223
2Equity Fund1.08381.0730
3Eurobond Fund128.4409128.4409
4Fixed Income Fund2.00962.0096
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.16081.1608
7Wealth for Women Fund1.30481.2943
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.03251.0325

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