Mutual Fund Prices – July 2023

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 30/06/2023 TO 03/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.63581.6240
2Equity Fund1.19161.1806
3Eurobond Fund121.0143121.0143
4Fixed Income Fund1.88511.8851
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12321.1232
7Wealth for Women Fund1.26641.2555
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04161.0416

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 03/07/2023 TO 04/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.65451.6429
2Equity Fund1.20411.1938
3Eurobond Fund121.0638121.0638
4Fixed Income Fund1.88601.8860
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12411.1241
7Wealth for Women Fund1.27861.2676
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04231.0423

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 04/07/2023 TO 05/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.64531.6337
2Equity Fund1.19441.1843
3Eurobond Fund121.0863121.0863
4Fixed Income Fund1.88631.8863
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12441.1244
7Wealth for Women Fund1.26451.2537
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04261.0426

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 05/07/2023 TO 06/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.65821.6457
2Equity Fund1.18851.1770
3Eurobond Fund121.1043121.1043
4Fixed Income Fund1.88661.8866
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12471.1247
7Wealth for Women Fund1.28211.2698
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04281.0428

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 06/07/2023 TO 07/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.67301.6603
2Equity Fund1.19231.1806
3Eurobond Fund121.1223121.1223
4Fixed Income Fund1.88691.8869
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12491.1249
7Wealth for Women Fund1.29911.2878
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04301.0430

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 07/07/2023 TO 11/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.69181.6788
2Equity Fund1.21711.2051
3Eurobond Fund121.1403121.1403
4Fixed Income Fund1.88721.8872
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12511.1251
7Wealth for Women Fund1.32051.3090
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04321.0432

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 10/07/2023 TO 11/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.72811.7151
2Equity Fund1.23281.2206
3Eurobond Fund121.1943121.1943
4Fixed Income Fund1.88811.8881
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12601.1260
7Wealth for Women Fund1.33771.3259
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04411.0441

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 11/07/2023 TO 12/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.71581.7042
2Equity Fund1.24021.2280
3Eurobond Fund121.2123121.2123
4Fixed Income Fund1.88841.8884
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12621.1262
7Wealth for Women Fund1.34861.3367
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04431.0443

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 12/07/2023 TO 13/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.70461.6933
2Equity Fund1.22451.2124
3Eurobond Fund121.2303121.2303
4Fixed Income Fund1.88871.8887
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12641.1264
7Wealth for Women Fund1.32621.3145
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04461.0446

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 13/07/2023 TO 14/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.68161.6704
2Equity Fund1.20761.1956
3Eurobond Fund121.2483121.2483
4Fixed Income Fund1.88901.8890
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12661.1266
7Wealth for Women Fund1.30421.2928
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04481.0448

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 14/07/2023 TO 17/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.67521.6636
2Equity Fund1.20641.1943
3Eurobond Fund121.2663121.2663
4Fixed Income Fund1.88931.8893
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12681.1268
7Wealth for Women Fund1.30351.2919
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04501.0450

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 17/07/2023 TO 18/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.70361.6917
2Equity Fund1.22351.2111
3Eurobond Fund121.3203121.3203
4Fixed Income Fund1.89021.8902
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12471.1274
7Wealth for Women Fund1.32301.3110
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04571.0457

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 18/07/2023 TO 19/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.70931.6974
2Equity Fund1.23451.2214
3Eurobond Fund121.3383121.3383
4Fixed Income Fund1.89051.8905
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12761.1276
7Wealth for Women Fund1.33331.3212
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04601.0460

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 19/07/2023 TO 20/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.69961.6879
2Equity Fund1.23171.2187
3Eurobond Fund121.3563121.3563
4Fixed Income Fund1.89081.8908
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12781.1278
7Wealth for Women Fund1.32601.3141
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04621.0462

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 20/07/2023 TO 21/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.70381.6919
2Equity Fund1.23281.2193
3Eurobond Fund121.3743121.3743
4Fixed Income Fund1.89111.8911
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12801.1280
7Wealth for Women Fund1.32931.3177
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04641.0464

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 21/07/2023 TO 24/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.71001.6980
2Equity Fund1.23581.2222
3Eurobond Fund121.3923121.3923
4Fixed Income Fund1.89141.8914
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12821.1282
7Wealth for Women Fund1.33421.3226
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04671.0467

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 24/07/2023 TO 25/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.73241.7201
2Equity Fund1.25571.2419
3Eurobond Fund121.4463121.4463
4Fixed Income Fund1.89231.8923
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12881.1288
7Wealth for Women Fund1.35331.3414
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04741.0474

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 25/07/2023 TO 26/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.75431.7416
2Equity Fund1.26951.2555
3Eurobond Fund121.4643121.4643
4Fixed Income Fund1.89261.8926
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12901.1290
7Wealth for Women Fund1.36761.3556
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04761.0476

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 26/07/2023 TO 27/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.75591.7428
2Equity Fund1.26431.2502
3Eurobond Fund121.4823121.4823
4Fixed Income Fund1.89291.8929
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12921.1292
7Wealth for Women Fund1.36251.3505
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04781.0478

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 27/07/2023 TO 27/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.75851.7454
2Equity Fund1.26661.2521
3Eurobond Fund121.5003121.5003
4Fixed Income Fund1.89321.8932
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12941.1294
7Wealth for Women Fund1.36451.3525
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04811.0481

MUTUAL FUND PRICES 28/07/2023 TO 31/07/2023
Offer priceBid Price
1Balanced Fund1.75851.7454
2Equity Fund1.26661.2520
3Eurobond Fund121.5183121.5183
4Fixed Income Fund1.89351.8935
5Money Market Fund1.00001.0000
6Sukuk Fund1.12961.1296
7Wealth for Women Fund1.36461.3526
8Global Fixed Income Fund1.04831.0483

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