What went down at the Nigeria Economic Outlook Conference 2019

The Nigeria Economic Outlook Conference 2019 was held on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. It offered an opportunity for industry bigwigs to come together to discuss the outlook of the Nigeria economy, looking at the global economic environment and events within Nigeria that would affect the economy. The theme of the event, was Reforms, Investments, Jobs.


Peter Ashade,  our  Group CEO was on the keynote panel, talking on the topic The Year Ahead: Global, Africa and Nigeria. He noted intelligently that the Fed (Federal Reserved) bringing its asset buying program to a close in December 2018 while hiking rates going forward, would mean a negative outlook for emerging markets like Nigeria. He also spoke on the US-China trade war, the impact of geopolitics (Brexit in particular), the effect of international oil prices and other factors that would play a key role in shaping the economy this year.


On the second panel discussion moderated by Paul Wallace from Bloomberg, the discussants looked at the topic Nigeria’s Investment Outlook amidst a constraining fiscal space. Kayode Tinuoye, Fund Manager, Institutions & Private Client was one of the panelists. Here, issues were raised as it concerns the effect of the upcoming elections on the economy and subsequent economic policies and their implications. Kayode expressed that in a situation where the CBN is no longer able to support the naira, we are going to see the naira weaken.


The conference was a unique platform for interaction between finance industry players, watchers and press.


Check out some of the images from the event.

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IMG 9970

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