The In-Telligent Choice Newsletter – November


Tokunbo Ajayi Appointed President of the Association of Corporate Trustees


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tokunbo Ajayi, MD, United Capital Trustees Limited as President of the Association of Corporate Trustees.


Tokunbo holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from University of Ife, Ile-Ife in 1985. She is a seasoned professional with over 20 years in trusteeship services. A member of the NBA, FIDA, Nigerian Institute of Management, the Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioners Association of Nigeria and the British Council, Tokunbo is also an Alumnus of Phillips Consulting, South Africa SMP. She is the Financial Secretary of ACT.


A hearty congratulations to Tokunbo Ajayi on her well-deserved appointment.



For many, November always brings a sense ‘urgency’ as one may scramble to ensure they have somewhat achieved the goals they set out for themselves at the beginning of the year. Whilst it is advisable to set goals and stick to them, we must also learn to be nimble, particularly in a frontier market like Nigeria.


With this in mind, our approach has always been to empower Africans in the pursuit of their goals as individuals, companies, and governments, through our superior Investment Banking and related services. United Capital Plc has been at the forefront of ensuring that our Capital Markets are able to finance critical sectors of the economy.


As an innovative Investment Banking group, we have made significant impact in the Financial Services, Power, Hospitality as well as the downstream Oil and Gas sectors amongst other key sectors of the economy. Our creative ability and innovativeness is evidenced in our nomination for Deal of the Year –Debt by African Banker Awards 2016 and ultimate winner of Most Innovative Investment Bank – Nigeria’ at the 2016 BusinessDay Banker Awards.


It brings me great pleasure to note that, in spite of the significant macro-economic challenges experienced this year, our teams have shown great resilience by continuing to deliver impressive results. Overall, we continue to represent a vital link between our Capital Market and the critical sectors of Africa’s largest Economy, which we believe is pivotal to the capital formation process of the Nigerian financial system, allowing critical sectors of the Economy access long term capital needed to drive our developmental process.


In demonstration of the importance of having the right human capital component in any organization, several of our personnel have stretched themselves above and beyond the call of duty, fully exemplifying our PICK qualities (Professional, Innovative, Confident, and Knowledgeable). In addition to closing major transactions, our people have been recognized for achievements in the industry. I would like to use this medium to congratulate Tokunbo Ajayi, MD, United Capital Trustees on her recent election as President, Association of Corporate Trustees, Babatunde Obaniyi, Head, Capital Market II on his election as Director of Publicity, Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria, and Odiri Oginni, Head, Financial Planning, Strategy & Investor Relations on her CFA certification.


As we prepare to enter the last month of the year, just when you may be thinking it’s time to hit the auto-pilot or cruise control button…I enjoin you to rather make one last push by putting your best foot forward this December.


Thank you.






Our Investment Banking division recently completed the restructuring of three sub-sovereign Bonds by extending the maturities of these Bonds for periods ranging from three years to five years. The recent decline in oil prices with its attendant effect of massive reduction in Government Revenues also resulted in substantive drop in FAAC allocations to sub-sovereign which in turn put a strain on the States’ cash flows. By extending the maturities of these bonds, we were able to save our clients money (up to N8bn annually in some cases) thereby easing their cash flow strain and providing immediate liquidity to the clients (states).


We are also pleased to announce the successful raising of the N9bn 5-year bond offer by our client Forte Oil. United Capital Plc served as the lead financial advisor/issuing house on the transaction.


On the corporate finance side, we recently pioneered the maiden bond issuance in the Nigerian hospitality sector, which no doubt has contributed to the breadth and depth of Nigeria’s bond market. As market leaders, we have made it a priority to address issues around market fragmentation (concentration of financial institution issuers), dearth of products offerings and limited contribution to the Nigerian Economy.


At United Capital, we continue to pride ourselves as trail blazers, setting the pace for others to follow. We strive to consistently be innovative, think outside of the box and provide bespoke financing solutions for our clients.


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A Path to Financial Freedom


How you choose to spend your money is a matter of personal preference. But, with the current challenges facing the Nigerian economy, saving has become an integral part of monthly budgeting.
Did you know that you can secure your assets with investments? At United Capital Asset Management, we want to help you make your money ‘work’ for you. We offer several investment products such as Mutual Funds (four different funds, depending on your investment goals). With Mutual Funds, your money is pooled together with that of other investors, and spread over a range of asset classes such as money market instruments (FGN Bonds, Treasury Bills), equities, debt securities, etc.


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Prepare for Tomorrow – Today


Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. From both a personal and financial perspective, realizing a comfortable retirement is an incredibly extensive process that takes strategic long terms planning.


United Capital Private Trust is designed for long term financial planning. The Private Investment Trust enables you to set aside either a lump sum of money or period contributions over time under the trust towards a predefined purpose such as a future major investment, business startup, real estate or other key asset acquisition or as part of a private retirement plan.


Be on your way to financial freedom today by taking small steps that can ultimately lead to an improved outlook in terms of your long-term retirement readiness.


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Bid on Treasury Bills Through United Capital Securities


A Treasury Bill (T-Bill) is a short-term debt obligation backed by the government with a maturity of less than one year, sold in denominations of N1,000 up to a maximum purchase of N5 billion. T-bills have various maturities and are issued at a discount from par. T-Bills are attractive to investors because they offer a very low-risk way to earn a guaranteed return on invested money over a short period.


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