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GroupUnabating Oil Pipeline Vandalism; A headwind to oil production output…View
GroupGlobal food scarcity; Imported inflation will biteView
GroupGlobal Oil update- OPEC+ sticks to output agreement View
GroupNigeria’s growing unattractiveness to foreign investorsView
GroupPMS Continues an Unwavering Upward Trajectory- NBS PMS WatchView
GroupThe Eastern European conflict and its impact on the domestic Oil and Gas sectorView
GroupBond yields close lower at auction but outlook biased upwardsView
GroupFY-2021 Foreign Trade Statistics; Trade deficit widens in 2021View
GroupOil Pipeline Vandalism Incessance; a headwind to oil production output…View
GroupMonetary outlook; Will Russia Ukraine Crisis alter major central banks policies…View
GroupDomestic transportation cost hit high waters – the new normalView
GroupOPEC+ keeps firm amid current geopolitical developmentsView
GroupCBN’s RT 200 FX Programme- Operating Guidelines for Non-Oil Export Proceeds Repatriation Rebate SchemeView
GroupThe realities of Nigeria’s beleaguered middle classView
GroupMPC Review; CBN continues to Wait and SeeView
GroupAgricultural Sector- Beyond monetary interventionsView
GroupCBN’s E-valuation and E-invoicing- Policy OverviewViewCBN’s E-valuation and E-invoicing- Policy Overview
GroupFY 2021 GDP Report- Non-Oil GDP remains the primary driver….View
Group 1What is driving the proliferation of cryptocurrencies in NigeriaView
Group 1US stimulus_positive for Nigeria View
Group 1US Federal Reserve; Rate hike concerns for EMs View
Group 1Trade-deficit-worsens-on-the-back-currency-devaluation- View
Group 1Trade deficit contracts by 52,6 percent quarter on quarter in Q2_2021 View
Group 1Total Trade declined in FY-2020, but Q4-2020 growth hints at recovery View
Group 1Tight-trading-session-with-bearish-bias…ASI-down-6bps View
Group 1The yield environment in 2021 View
Group 1The telecommunications sector remains a bright spot View
Group 1The CBN’s RT200 FX Programme Series 1… Policy Overview View
Group 1Structural changes needed to improve unemployment View
Group 1Solid mineral production… A long, rocky road ahead View
Group 1Slew of Multilateral deb_A drag on long term growth_ View
Group 1Signs of a recovery but a long way off View
Group 1Rising cooking gas price; any hope in sight View
Group 1Revisiting Nigeria’s persistent FX challenges View
Group 1Revenue allocation formula restructure- A paradigm shift View
Group 1Rates trend lower at July bond auction View
Group 1Q3-2021 Terms of trade report; Deficit worsens View
Group 1Pre-MPC_Will the MPC adjust the MPR View
Group 1Pre-MPC note; Will status quo be maintained View
Group 1Pre-MPC note; Rate hike inevitable… A question of when View
Group 1Pre-MPC Note- To maintain status quo View
Group 1Pre-MPC Note_To maintain status quo View
Group 1Pre-MPC Note_MPC expected to maintain status quo View
Group 1Post-MPC meeting- MPC holds all policy tools but for how long….xlsx View
Group 1Post MPC – MPC holds rates but hints at imminent hiking View
Group 1Possible Impacts of Eurobond Issuance and IMF’s SDRs View
Group 1Policy normalisation View
Group 1PMI in Q1-2021_A hint at recovery_ View
Group 1Pipeline Vandalism; A hiccup in Nigeria’s oil sector progress View
Group 1Payment-Assurance-Guarantee-cushions-liquidity-shortage-in-the-NESI-in-2020 View
Group 1Payment Service Banks (PSB) Series I – Impact on financial inclusion View
Group 1Payment Service Banks (PSB) Series 2 – Potential Impact on Banking Profitability View
Group 1Parallel market pressures; No end in sight View
Group 1Pan African Payments Settlement System (PAPSS)- A new dawn.xlsx View
Group 1OPEC+ sticks to its plan of gradual ncrease in oil output View
Group 1OPEC-June-2021-Meeting-Preview View
Group 1OPEC-adjustments-keep-prices-favourable-and-maintain-the-cartels-relevance-UC-Research View
Group 1On-Nigerias-attempt-to-tax-global-tech-giants View
Group 1On-meter-deployment-and-higher-meter-pricing View
Group 1Oil prices…Uncertainties linger amid Omicron variant View
Group 1Oil prices extend gains amid tight supply View
Group 1Oil price sustains rally; Potentially a double-edged sword for Nigeria View
Group 1Oil price sustains momentum- All that glitters View
Group 1October bond auction… Marginal rates trend higher View
Group 1NTB-primary-auction-review-Stop-rates-on-364-day-bill-down-by-1bps View
Group 1NTB auction, Stop rates on 364-day paper moderates by 61bps View
Group 1NPRGS…Serious-business-or-playing-the-gallery-1 View
Group 1Non-interest income to come under pressure…. View
Group 1Nigerias Agelong Power Sector Conundrum View
Group 1Nigerian stocks weaken ahead of the holiday, ASI down 0.3 View
Group 1Nigerian consumers, Light at the end of the tunnel View
Group 1Nigerian consumer sector to face renewed pressures in 2021 View
Group 1Nigerian bourse continues bullish run…ASI up 1.7 View
Group 1Nigeria’s Yield Curve_Firmly in retracement mode View
Group 1Nigeria’s real estate sector Positive signs but not yet out View
Group 1Nigeria_s painful and fragile recovery View
Group 1Nigeria upstream oil & gas sector- A look at FGN’s optimistic 3.0mbpd target View
Group 1Nigeria Equity Market_Can the stock market rally be sustained View
Group 1Nigeria Economy in 2021_Tough times, tough takes! View
Group 1Nigeria Covid-19 Update- Weighing the risks of Omicron View
Group 1NGXASI regains momentum…climbs 9bps View
Group 1NGX-ASI resumes bullish momentum…up by 1.7 View
Group 1NGX-ASI rebounds by 58bps as large-caps rally View
Group 1NGX-ASI opens week on a positive note…rises 10bps View
Group 1NGX ASI up by 52bps View
Group 1N50bn Target Credit Facility Covid-19 loans; Déjà vu all over again View
Group 1More-and-more-debt…Where-do-we-draw-the-line-1 View
Group 1Money out of nowhere View
Group 1Monetary Policy_ Is a rate hike closer View
Group 1Monetary & interest rate policy in 2021_Going for growth View
Group 1Local bourse sustains bullish tilt… NGX-ASI climbs 99bps View
Group 1Local bourse sustained bullish run…ASI up by 0.1 View
Group 1Local bourse reverses bullish run…ASI up by 52bps View
Group 1Local bourse reverses bearish run…ASI rises 1.9 View
Group 1Local bourse reverse bullish run…ASI down by 12bps View
Group 1Local bourse loses bull momentum…down by 15bps View
Group 1Local bourse extends losses into 3rd day…Cause for panic View
Group 1Local bourse extend gains… up by 12bps View
Group 1Local bourse down by 9bps View
Group 1Is the CBN’s fiat-led intervention working View
Group 1Inflation cools further as high base effect becomes more pronounced View
Group 1Implications of impending U.S interest rate hike View
Group 1Implication of recent NT-bills auction for investors View
Group 1Impairment backed profitability; A lot more needed View
Group 1Headline Inflation in 2021 Galloping on tough policy calls View
Group 1Gross loans trend higher amidst improving asset quality View
Group 1Global trade in 2021- Biden and the Sino-US relationship View
Group 1Global Oil Market Vaccine news is good but Oil rebound is expected to be mellow in 2021 View
Group 1Global oil demand to recover in 2021 View
Group 1Global macro and market review & outlook View
Group 1Global Financial Market in 2021_..no real threat in sight View
Group 1Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria- A potential double-edged sword View
Group 1Fuel Subsidy Discourse View
Group 1FPI inflow vanished in 2020, what to expect in 2021 View
Group 1Financial Market_Apr-2021 Review and May-2021 Outlook View
Group 1Financial Market Overview in Q1 and Outlook for Q2 2021 View
Group 1FGN-Bond-June-PMA-review-–-Rates-party-coming-to-a-close_ View
Group 1FG reintroduces VAT on cooking gas View
Group 1FG extends fuel subsidy program by 18 months View
Group 1External reserves trot higher on stronger crude prices View
Group 1Examining the effects of the CBN policy and its impact on the Real Estate (2) View
Group 1Evaluating BDCs’ creative FX supply sources View
Group 1Equity Market_Is the party over View
Group 1Equities-open-week-in-the-red…ASI-down-0.3 View
Group 1Earnings growth key for market sentiments View
Group 1Domestic-bourse-rebounds-marginally…-ASI-up-15bps View
Group 1Domestic investors dominate local bourse View
Group 1Domestic equities reverse bearish performance View
Group 1DANGCEM-pulls-market-higher…ASI-up-18bps-1 View
Group 1Daily Insight Global Economy in 2021_V-shaped or W-shaped recovery View
Group 1Daily Insight -Subsidy removal and cost reflective tariff,Tough decisions to be made View
Group 1Daily insight -New USSD pricing, a setback for financial inclusion View
Group 1Currency Market_ Is “Naira 4 Dollar” the way out View
Group 1Covid-19 vaccines vs 2nd wave of infections View
Group 1COVID-19 vaccination update_how is SSA faring View
Group 1Cement sector to build on strong 2020 performance View
Group 1CBN’s 100 for 100; More than fiat-led interventions needed View
Group 1CBN NTB Primary Market Auction Review View
Group 1CBN e-Naira Series 3-Implications for financial intermediation View
Group 1CBN e-Naira Series 2-Can the e-Naira deepen financial inclusion View
Group 1CBN e-Naira Series 1; Examining the positives View
Group 1Capital Importation in Q3-2021; An improvement on Q2-2021 View
Group 1Can Nigeria achieve sugar self-sufficiency View
Group 1Buying the dip or to stay out View
Group 1Between the devil and the deep blue sea View
Group 1Bearish sentiment persists…ASI down 0.4� View
Group 1Banking remains resilient View
Group 1Agriculture-Sustained growth amidst perennial bottlenecks View
Group 1Agriculture sector in 2021_Still a growth story View
Group 1A review of the FGN’s 2021 revenue framework thus far View
Group 1A review of Nigeria’s public debt stock View
Group 1A case for the FGN’s reform to focus on household income growth View
Group 12022 Appropriation Bill Series 2- A budget of wishful spending View
Group 12022 Appropriation Bill Series 1- Key Highlights View
GroupThe CBN’s RT200 FX Programme Series 3… A long awaited panacea but…View
GroupNNPC Acquisition of Power Plants- Aye or NayView